You Can Smoke While Driving

As the title of this entry dictates, today it is up to me to deal with the subject of “Can you smoke while driving?”. Because although it seems unusual. Some may not be very clear about the answer, and let’s see… Seeing it from the most vulgar meaning of “doing it”, the answer is yes. But more than being able to do it, we must talk about what is due. I know that sometimes living restricted by the various systems created by man is tedious and for some it is a nuisance (because today many millennials adopt the philosophy that we hate systems, let’s be anti-systems!).

Do you understand why it is wrong to smoke while driving?

Leaving aside the little joke, you have to be aware that they are necessary to maintain order. As rebellious as we want to be, order is a key factor for a peaceful and full development of our civilized life.

But hey, I roll up worse than spaghetti on an Italian plate. Why don’t we start with the first points of this post, my introductions will surely bore you and curiosity is eating your head to know the answer.

Do you understand why it is wrong to smoke while driving?

If you expect to read the typical sermon on why smoking is bad and how it affects your health and takes years off your life. I am afraid that you will be left with the desire, that is already a very touched topic and that I must assume that you already know. After all, if you drive and smoke, I have to assume you’re old enough to know what’s good for you and what’s not. So I’m not going to fall into what most people usually say. I prefer simply to tell you the reason why smoking while driving is bad and it is something that has nothing to do directly with your health. If indirect, but not direct (you will understand me).

It is clear that when smoking we require at least one hand to hold the cigarette, which will prevent you from having full access to the functions of your car when driving. Although you can counter by saying “Hey, I can have both hands on the wheel and hold the cigarette at the same time”. It is not valid, since you will be more aware of not burning yourself or dirtying the whole car with ash, than of traffic signals. Not only that, but… Is it really necessary to smoke while driving? I mean, I can understand that nicotine addiction exists. But there are more appropriate times to take a few hits.

What’s more, I think any time is more appropriate than while you’re driving, just imagine that the cloud of smoke you give off clouds your vision a little, it’s clear that traffic accidents most of the time don’t end very well (not to say how expensive any car repair is nowadays). The point is that smoking while driving makes you more likely to have an accident, due to carelessness or distraction.

There are better times to smoke.

Fellow reader addicted to nicotine. The issue of smoking while driving is something that honestly if you can do it, you can do it. But you have to consider if it is really suitable while you are behind the wheel. My intention with this entry is to create a small message of conscience. Sometimes we must stop to meditate our actions very well. We do not know if due to negligence or stupidity that we commit they end up causing a disaster that we end up regretting.

There are better times to smoke, you can do it when you arrive at your destination, or if the urge to want to smoke is very intense. It’s better for you to stop the car and pull your cigarette. But from that to doing it while driving there is a big difference. If, on the other hand, your addiction overcomes you, I think that this situation deserves self-control. I honestly can’t understand what the need to smoke while driving is, but the more you look at the issues, the more convinced we are that it’s not the right time.

Being cautious is not very complicated, it is just enough to stop, even though I know little about thinking about our actions and their possible consequences. Do the test and you will see how simple it is.

I hope this publication has been very useful, but above all you have loved this little reflection.