How to Make Tires Shine?

Tires are usually a topic of conversation when referring to part of the car, something not surprising considering its great importance. Tires are vital to driving as they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road.

If they are in poor condition, they will significantly increase the chances that an accident may occur; and even in rainy conditions or in the presence of snow or ice on the road, this danger is increased.

On many occasions they are not given the attention they deserve and need, which is a big mistake since the safety of the driver, occupants and other road users largely depends on them. For this reason, in ITV reviews, tires are one of the elements that are valued by technicians.

However, this time we are not going to refer to them in terms of safety and functionality, but in terms of their aesthetics. It is likely that on more than one occasion you have noticed vehicles in which the tires shine, especially in the case of those that are exposed in dealerships. In addition, it is a shine that lasts for some time.

If you are interested in having the same result and thus accompany the rest of the bodywork after a good wash, we are going to explain how to make the tires shine. Although there are different products on the market for this purpose, we are going to tell you about a homemade trick that offers a better result than these. We recommend that you give them a try.

Instructions to make tires shine

If you want to know how to make your tires shine, you must follow a series of steps:

  1. First of all, you must have a clean vehicle. To do this you must wash it, especially the rims and tires. The polishing process will come after all the cleaning of the vehicle, once the tires are dry and cold.
  2. Taking the above into account, you should start by making the mixture with distilled water and glycerin, which you will add to a spray bottle. Thanks to this object you will be able to apply it correctly. The mixture should be half and half.
  3. Once you have prepared the mixture, you must take the sprayer and apply a small amount of the solution on the side of the tire and also a light amount on the sponge. Don’t overdo it by adding product as you could overdo it.
  4. When you have applied it to the first tire, you should begin to spread the mixture over the entire sidewall of the tire using the sponge. You will quickly see the effect on the tires, which will start to get brighter.
  5. Once this process is done with one tire, you will have to do the same with the rest of them.
  6. When you have already applied it to all the tires of your car, you will have to let it dry for about an hour. Depending on the temperature and the weather, the drying time may be longer or shorter, but on average they will be dry in just 60 minutes. After this time, you will see that it is not as shiny as when you applied it, something logical since it will have dried up. Although it is no longer as bright, you will see that it has a very natural result and is much more intense than with other products intended for this purpose. The effects will last for about 2-3 weeks in those cases where the weather is dry; and as long as the tire is not constantly stained or cleaned.

What do you need to make your tires shine?

In the market you can find specific polishing products for tires. There are many and at very different prices. Some of them have managed to garner a lot of positive reviews, while others are highly criticized.

This will make you have certain doubts when choosing one model or another, so it is best to do the homemade trick that we have explained to you. To make your tires shine you will need:

  •  Concentrated/pure glycerin. It can be easily found in pharmacies and costs approximately 3-5 euros.
  •  Osmosis/distilled water. It is used to dilute glycerin. A two-liter bottle costs about one euro. Although you can also use normal water, it is advisable that it does not have lime or chlorine and that it is as pure as possible.
  •  sponge.
  •  Water sprayer.

Although there are those who have doubts about the use of glycerin, the reality is that it is a completely safe product, since glycerin hydrates any type of rubber. It can also be used for hands or skin and is not dangerous or has any negative effects.

In addition to achieving a brighter appearance and the appearance of a new tire, it will increase its durability, since it will take longer to crack when properly hydrated. Therefore, it is a highly recommended product for any tire.