What Driver’s License Do I Need to Drive a Motorhome?

Some of us have that idea of ​​the perfect vacation when we place ourselves on a beach. Feeling the sand on our feet and the sun covering us with its warmth. Others will think of going to a public pool and enjoying a relaxing time with the family. However, there are others who take vacations as a much more pleasant and extensive experience. So to go and have a trip on wheels and at the same time have the basic comforts of home is just phenomenal. That is why driving a motorhome can be the best travel option.

These vehicles are very comfortable and represent the best travel option for many. Especially those of us who find the experience of “Arriving at the destination” pleasant and of course traveling comfortably. However, you have to know that these types of vehicles require specific licenses to drive them. That is why today we will emphasize in answering that question that gives rise to this post.

Find Out What Are The Necessary Cards To Drive A Motorhome.

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Find out what are the necessary cards to drive a motorhome.

As a general rule, the vast majority of motorhomes that can be driven in Spain require two types of driving license. Being more precise the type B driving license and the type C driving license. Next, they will be discussed in detail:

  • Type B driving license. It is the most common and concurrent license (or permit) in all of Spain. Since it allows the management of various types of vehicles. Among which are the motorhomes. But it should be noted that there are several limitations to this. The main one is that driving a caravan with this card will only be allowed if it has a maximum authorized mass (also known as MMA) of up to 3400 kilos. And that a maximum of up to eight passengers be allowed inside. It is also permissive to carry a couple of cars coupled, as long as the maximum authorized mass of 4150 kilos is not exceeded.
  • Type C driving license. For this type of license, it is not necessary to extend more than necessary. Since in itself this will be the one recommended for any caravan that exceeds the 3400 maximum authorized breast. Which means that it is the license that you need to acquire if you intend to drive one of these vehicles that exceeds such a weight.

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What are the requirements to obtain a driving license for a motorhome?

If you have the doubt that you need to have to be able to acquire one of the permits that we discussed previously. You will only need a couple of essential things… In general, each permit has a series of requirements that those interested in obtaining must meet. To be able to drive a caravan you must keep in mind the following…

  • Being a person of legal age. Reaching the age of majority is essential for any government entity or driving school to grant you a permit to drive. In Spain, the age of majority is reached at 18 and at that age you can acquire type B, B+E, C1 and C1+E licenses. Now to acquire the type C+E and C license, you need to be at least 21 years old.
  • Pass the Exams. This is essential, we must take into account that in order to acquire any license, we will previously be subjected to an exam… Or well, to be more exact. Two exams, one theoretical and one practical that is necessary for the type of motorhome that will be driven. By having the approval of both exams, you will be able to start your trip to drive a motorhome and enjoy your vacations.