What Is Needed to Drive a Motorhome?

There are many people who, to enjoy the good weather and the summer period, decide to resort to a motorhome, a way of being able to travel and that allows them to enjoy more possibilities that go beyond camping on their vacations. More and more people are opting for this means of transport to enjoy a few days off or to travel and thus be able to visit different places without having to look for accommodation.

Permits required to drive a motorhome

However, it is necessary to take into account what is needed to drive a motorhome, taking into account that they are vehicles that have a weight and dimensions beyond the standard, so it is not possible to drive them with any type of license, being in some occasions to obtain a specific license. If you have any questions about it, we will explain everything you need to know to be able to drive them.

Permits required to drive a motorhome

Most of the motorhomes that you can find on the roads can be driven with two types of license, these being the most basic:

Type B driving license

This is the most common permit in Spain for driving a car; and with it you can drive a motorhome, although in this sense it is important to note that it has some limitations. With this type of license, you can only drive vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of up to 3,500 kg, and that can transport a maximum of 8 people.

It is also possible to drive a set of coupled vehicles that is made up of a car and a trailer that does not exceed 750 kg, and taking into account that the total of the maximum authorized mass does not exceed 4250 kg.

Type C driving license

This driving license is required to drive any motorhome with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3,500 kg.

When is a special permit needed to drive a motorhome?

Once we have told you about the permits with which you can drive a motorhome, which, as you have seen, are the most basic licenses, you must also take into account a series of factors that may determine the permit that is going to be required to be able to circulate with this type of vehicle.

In this sense we can find mainly two factors to be carried out, which are the following:

  • Tare of the motorhome. It is the mass of the empty vehicle, without people inside and without butane cylinders or water tanks, among other elements necessary to move.
  • Authorized maximum mass (MMA). It is the value of the sum of the load and the tare weight of the motorhome.

Weight is one of the main factors in determining the necessary driving license. In this way, it is possible to drive the motorhome with a type B license, always; and when motorhomes have an MMA equal to or less than 3,500 kg, since they are considered a light vehicle.

However, when it exceeds this maximum authorized mass, a type C permit will be necessary, because it is already considered a heavy vehicle. In the same way, you have to take into account some particularities, in the event that you are going to drive it with a trailer:

  • B+E license: It is necessary when driving a car or other vehicle that can be driven with a type B to which is added a trailer or semi-trailer with an MMA that is less than 3,500 kg.
  • Type C permit: This license allows the driving of motorhomes over 3500 kg of MMA.
  • C1 license: This permit allows you to drive a motorhome whose MMA is between 3,500 and 7,500 kg.
  • C1+E license: With this license you can drive the same vehicles as with type C1 and B; but it allows not to use tachograph, by not carrying out a professional use of the license. In addition, it is possible to add a trailer of more than 750 kg of MMA, provided that this does not exceed, as a whole, 12,000 kg.
  • C+E permission. It is required to drive a vehicle with a trailer with a GVW of more than 750 kg.

Requirements to obtain a motorhome driving license

Each driving license has a series of requirements that candidates must meet in order to drive a motorhome. However, there are a series of general requirements that are required in order to obtain a driving license to get behind the wheel of a motorhome. These are the following:

  • Age. A minimum of 18 years is required for B, B+E, C1 and C1+E licenses, and 21 years for C+E and C licenses.
  • Exams. It is necessary to pass the theoretical exam and the practical exam for the license that is necessary for the motorhome that is going to be driven. After successfully passing them you will be able to obtain the necessary driving license to get behind the wheel of the motorhome.