Why Is It So Dangerous to Drive a Mustang?

When it comes to pony cars, the car par excellence is usually the mustang. Not only for being the car that started this new automotive category, but also for being the best-selling car in that niche. The mustang stands out not only for having a powerful engine, but also for its sporty design that clearly targets young and intrepid users. In fact, this car and all those in its category have always aimed at that “great car” image, I personally believe that they achieve it, because they are the type of car that knows how to attract attention. Not to mention, it’s probably the most affordable sports car on the market.

all the owners of a mustang are crazy

Now, whenever it comes to the mustang, two types of conversations arise; those related to their genius and beauty, or those that make fun of how unstable they are. Because yes, these cars are very attractive and powerful, but the same thing they have in genius, they have in instability. There are many accidents that have been captured by mustang carriers, to the point that it is already a meme in the automotive community. However, have you stopped to think why it is so? Throughout this post we will give you the explanation of why these cars are so dangerous to drive.

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First problem: Stiff rear axle.

It is important to know that the majority of existing mustangs are rigid axles on their rear wheels. This is an obsolete system in which the rear wheels of the vehicle are connected by a solid axle. This is so since it is such a simple system with very few parts, it is strong enough to withstand the power of the mustang engines. Let’s remember that the concept of the pony cars is basically to give the user a sports vehicle with a great engine, but at an affordable price. And for this to be achieved, the vehicle must lower quality in aspects other than the engine.

The problem with rigid axles is that while they work great for accelerating down the straights, they are very inefficient when going through a curve or a bump. Since when both rear wheels are connected, what one suffers, the other will suffer, which causes instability when driving.

It is advisable in these cases to make sure you buy a mustang with independent rear suspension. Although this is only applicable for the most recent models. Independent axles allow greater stability, control and safety when driving vehicles, so it is undoubtedly an expense worth taking with these cars.

Second problem: Open Differential.

To understand what a difference is and how it affects the driving stability of a car. We must know that, when a curve is made, the inner wheel travels less distance than the outer wheels. We must be clear about this because it indicates that the external wheels rotate faster than the internal ones. Knowing this, what an open differential does is give the wheel’s freedom to turn their ball, without any control. Well, the differential will not intervene to match their speeds.

This aspect does not affect when driving in a normal situation, that is, on the street at normal speeds. However, the problem occurs when one of the wheels loses traction. Since it means that its turning speed is going to be very different from the rest, which translates into skidding. Mustangs have an open differential from the factory, and it is for this reason that if the driver is not careful when driving, he will most likely end up skidding.

Third problem: Inexperienced mustang drivers.

Although this problem is not related to the car itself, the truth is that the majority of users who buy a mustang are inexperienced young people. Who are just looking for a car to turn heads with, but probably have no idea of ​​the dangers of driving one. It is remarkable not only because of what was said in this post but also because of the countless videos on YouTube of accidents with mustangs, that these vehicles are complicated to drive. You really need to spend a few hours of practice to be able to adapt to the car, and not do stupid things.

With this I do not mean that all the owners of a mustang are crazy, I know that there are drivers out there who understand the power of their car, and their driving conditions. But the facts show that most accidents with this car are due to idiocy on the part of the driver.