How to Prevent Your Bike from Being Stolen?

Any bicycle owner who uses this as a means of transportation will find themselves with the usual concern that it will not be stolen when they go anywhere. It is important to keep in mind that if someone wants to steal your bike, they will do everything possible to get it, although there are different tips that you can take into account to avoid having your bike stolen.

In this article we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you prevent bicycles from being stolen on public roads, especially when you decide to park it on a lamppost, fence or in your own bicycle parking lot.

In addition, we are going to give you some indications about what types of bicycles are the most suitable to be able to circulate around the city with greater safety and making the thieves not look so much at your bike. In this way you can protect yourself to a greater extent against a possible theft.

Tips to prevent your bike from being stolen

Below we are going to give you different tips that you must take into account to prevent your bicycle from being stolen, something that you must take into account to ensure the safety of your method of transport.

Avoid using high-value bikes

If you only have one bicycle and it is the one you use for road or mountain biking as a hobby, it is best to buy a simple, discreet and cheap model.

Although it is not the most striking and attractive model, it will be better to avoid scares and anguish, since if you acquire a model that everyone notices, not only those who admire it will, but also the crooks who will be more attentive to be able to get hold of her.

In addition, you must bear in mind that it is not the same to have a bicycle stolen whose value exceeds one thousand euros than one that costs half. Another option is to resort to second-hand bicycles, an option that you can opt for to try to reduce theft.

Avoid flashy colors

Colors such as black, gray or other muted tones will draw less attention than those that are bright colors; and that will make it much more likely that this means of transport will end up being stolen.

If your bike is a bright color or has a lot of chrome, shiny rims or shiny discs, it will be more likely to be stolen.

In addition, it is advisable to use locks of the same color as the bicycle, that is, they should be dark. In this way it is a little more complicated that at a quick glance they can know how secure your bike is tied.

Despite the fact that a large padlock may seem like the best solution to deter a thief, the reality is that it is not.

Nuts on wheels and saddle instead of quick releases

Despite the fact that the bicycle is tied by the frame and the wheels, it is always advisable that the urban bicycle uses nuts and not quick releases. You can easily replace the quick releases with screws and nuts. Also, you should not forget about the seat posts; since these usually use a quick lever closure. If you don’t want it stolen, use a nut.

This will not guarantee that they cannot be stolen from you, but it will make them have to resort to an Allen key or fixed key. Therefore, possible theft is hindered. Also, keep in mind that there are some closures with a safety nut, which need a special key to be able to loosen them, although they have a higher cost.

How to lock a bike on the street?

The first point to assess when locking a bicycle on the street is to take into account a series of tips and indications. To begin with, it is key that you choose the place well, then choose the object to which you will tie it, and finally, how you do it.

The first thing to do is, if you only have one padlock, to secure the box. for this it is advisable that it be carried out on the rear triangle, formed by the stays, chain stays and vertical tube. In this way, it will be easier to secure the rear wheel at once as well. However, do not make the mistake of securing it by the spokes; and is that the lock must be placed above or below the rim.

In any case, to avoid theft, it is best to use two locks, a main one that is robust for the frame and the rear wheel; and on the other hand, a spiral or folding one to be used on the front wheel. This second lock will have to be placed in one way or another depending on the type of bicycle used.

In the event that the bicycle has front suspension, it will have to be placed through the hole in the fork bridge and, at the same time, between the middle of the wheel. In this way it is possible to secure the wheel assembly; and it prevents them from disassembling the fork to steal it.

If you do not have this egg, it is best to use a spiral or flexible lock to pass it through the main triangle of the frame and through the front wheel.

Where to lock a bicycle to avoid its theft

One of the most important aspects to prevent your bike from being stolen is to choose the right place to park it. It is advisable that you look for places where there are security cameras nearby. This is the case of banks, garages, shops…

In addition, it is recommended that you avoid areas where hardly anyone passes and also those that are very crowded. Both in one case and in another, the thief will have greater facilities to steal your bicycle.

You should also avoid parking it next to subway stations, train or bus stops, etc.