How to Clean the Air Filter Of My Motorcycle?

Your motorcycle’s air filter is one of the most fundamental parts of your motorized vehicle, as it filters polluted particles from polluted air making the engine system work properly. Luckily cleaning or maintenance is something easy to do and as long as you do it often, since if you do it after it is deteriorating it will be somewhat difficult but it will still have a good result. So in this article I will teach you how to clean the air filter of my motorcycle.

First of all, keep in mind the following

All of us who use motorcycles, obviously have to know the periodic maintenance that has to be done to the motor vehicle, in order to avoid rapid deterioration and some other mechanical problems that will become major, normally one has motorcycle insurance to cover a little thing. A great advantage when it comes to dealing with engine problems yourself are belts or brakes.

Although it is good that you leave it to a workshop if the problem is new to you and you do not know what to do, or if it is difficult for you to solve it. In this case, the cleaning of the filter must be done periodically, you can do it yourself following the instructions or if you want it to be much more effective, it can be done by a mechanic who knows how to do it well.

This air filter is the one that ensures that the injection and carburetion system is in good condition and at the same time protects the engine from any impurity that may arise. The cleaning that has to be done will depend on the type of filter you have. Normally these are made up of a material that is filtering which is supported by a rubber, plastic or metal frame. And at the same time, these materials can be different, from paper and cotton fiber. Up to wire mesh or foam.

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Foam Filters.

This is common on off road motorcycles, although it is also used on most road models. They are restrictive and encased in a layer filled with oil, which serves to trap all dust particles.

Cleaning: Some cleaning kits are sold in the markets, some are specific for this type of filter, these kits contain degreasers that make the job take less time and be more efficient (although you can also clean it with anything, even hot water and a lot of water). patience to do it). And when the filter is already clean, you have to let it dry and spray it with a little oil; and before mounting it, check first that the surfaces of the filter and the carburetor assembly are clean, so as not to have any problem when using it.

cotton filters

In these filters it is one of the best sold on the market, since it works in layers and is very effective in retaining contaminated particles. Thanks to its design that allows air to flow well.

Cleaning: The characteristic of these filters when cleaning is that you need to use the correct cleaning materials, since these filters, being the best and best sellers, are not cheap at all. So its maintenance depends on its operation, it is important to purchase a complete cleaning kit to clean them, you have to be careful not to damage the cotton and work properly.

Paper Cartridge Air Filters

These are the most common on road bikes, and often use an accordion-shaped cartridge as a filter. The big difference that this filter has compared to the previous ones mentioned, is that they are very cheap and filter just like the cotton one, thanks to the folding of the cartridge. The bad thing about these filters is that they don’t have to get wet at all, so you have to use pressurized air, which is not simple and effective. It is advisable to replace them when they present a visible accumulation of dirt (to be more exact, when you have traveled 15,000 km with the motorcycle).

Now that you know how to clean the air filter on my motorcycle, you must remember that you have to do it very carefully and patiently so that no inconvenience occurs on the motorcycle and things get worse and it is much more expensive. You can do these cleaning methods yourself or, to make it more reliable, take it to a workshop so they can do it efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the fact that you already know how to clean the air filter of my motorcycle.