What Is the Maximum Number of Points On the Driver’s License?

The driver’s license by points is a measure implemented in Spain since 2006, and which consists of each driver having a series of points that they will lose if they commit an infraction.

If you want to know what is the maximum number of points that you can have on your driving license

This measure was used as a preventive measure to prevent drivers from committing infractions. The operating system consists of awarding the driver some points, if the driver commits an infraction, each point will be subtracted from the scoring system, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

There are from minor offenses that subtract 1 or 2 from the scoring system, to serious offenses that could eliminate up to 6, when all are lost from the scoring system, the driver will lose the impossibility of driving for about 6 months. To recover your card, you must take a refresher course.

Just as we lose points, the general direction of traffic is also capable of rewarding good drivers, granting them an increase in points if they do not commit any infraction, up to the maximum point limit.

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What do you need

  • Read these instructions carefully and apply them in practice


  1. Novice drivers:
    As we all have to start from the bottom, the general direction of traffic will make us start with only 8 points on the driver’s license. This situation will continue during the first 3 years of the interested person’s card; in which we will have the 12 points of normal people. For this same reason, we must be careful when driving since at the minimum we will run out of points and therefore unable to drive.
  2. Normal drivers:
    When 3 years go by, the general direction of traffic will increase the points from 8 points to 12, this amount is the usual amount of a normal driver, therefore we will have a little more margin in which we can keep the license despite to have committed any infraction of more.
  3. Rewards for good drivers:
    The general direction of traffic rewards good behavior to drivers who do not commit violations. The first of all consists of a gift of 2 extra points if you do not commit an infraction worthy of losing points in 3 years (previously having 12 points) on the card, having a total of 14.
  4. Maximum reachable:
    If after the gift of 2 extra points from the previous step, you can still reach a little more level on the points card. If you are 3 years without committing an infraction worthy of losing points (previously having 14 points), we will be awarded 1 extra point on the card. Now we will have achieved the maximum score, which is 15 points. A very high figure, but you should not be careless because if you commit many infractions you lose many points, although if you have been 9 years without committing infractions or losing points, it is normal that you never commit any.
  5. Reinserted drivers:
    Drivers who have lost all their license points, have been 6 months or more without driving and have recovered the points with a 24-hour recycling and restructuring course, must start as if they were new drivers, that is, with only 8 points on his driving license.


  • If you want to know how many points you have on your driving license, here we tell you.
  • Points recovery programs: If we have lost some points on the license, but we have not lost all but we can continue driving, we recommend that you make the effort to try to recover the points, in this way we will be safer and reduce the chances of losing the card. To do this, a 6-hour course must be taken, which can be done once every two years and in which issues of traffic regulations and road safety will be discussed. At the end, up to 6 points can be recovered from the card.
  • Automatic recovery of points: There is a rule that says that if we have lost any points, but we have been 2 years (3 in cases of serious crimes) without losing any points, they will be returned to us automatically. The reason for this return is because the general direction of traffic considers that by spending two years without committing any infraction, you have repented of your actions and have learned the lesson, for which there are no more reasons to consider that you are a driver. dangerous.
  • Avoid losing points: If you want to reach the maximum number of points, you must be an exemplary driver, since from the moment you obtain the license, you must go 9 years without committing a single infraction that leads to loss of points. Safe drivers don’t drink while driving, don’t speed, always wear a seat belt, and never do anything reckless.