How to Start the Motorcycle Without Battery?

One of the most annoying problems that we can find when starting a vehicle is that it does not turn on. We have already taught you how to start a car without a battery or clamps, to push the car when the battery runs out or to charge a motorcycle battery, and this time we are going to teach you how to start a motorcycle without a battery.

The causes of a motorcycle not starting can be many, but the most common is that the battery is discharged. Although you may think that it is impossible, it is actually possible to start a motorcycle without a battery in different ways. Many motorcycles that have been on the market for many years had a mechanical starting system, although most currently have an electric starter. In any case, we are going to explain how to start a motorcycle without a battery in both cases.

Instructions to start the motorcycle without battery

Starting a motorcycle without battery with electronic starter

In order to know how to start the motorcycle without a battery if it has an electronic starter, the first thing to do is turn the ignition key as you would normally do. Next, the ignition button is pressed and second or third gear is engaged (depending on the displacement).

Once this is done, you can use two different methods to start it, which are the following:

  • Push the motorcycle. While keeping the clutch engaged, the motorcycle must be pushed, and then progressively released. In some cases, the clutch may need to be depressed and released once the bike has started to be pushed. This method can be carried out while riding the motorcycle or accompanying it from the ground. In addition, it will be useful to have the help of a second person who can push us if we are mounted. It is a method that is almost impossible to do on a scooter, since they do not have gears.
  • Spin the wheel. For this method, the rear wheel of the motor must be raised, using a stand or similar. The wheel will then be spun forward without clutch action. It is a method that does not work on all models, but it is an option to consider.

As you can see, these are fairly easy methods to carry out. They are very useful in the event that we are without a battery on the motorcycle, but it is advisable to fix the problem as soon as possible; and if necessary, replace the battery with a new one.

Starting a motorcycle without a battery with a mechanical starter

The oldest motorcycles incorporate a starter lever that receives the name of “crank”. This is activated with the skin and allowed the vehicle to start mechanically. It is not currently used but some older models can be found with this system.

To start a motorcycle of this type without a battery, it is enough to put your foot on the starter lever and give it a strong push downwards. The maneuver is simple but requires some practice. Also, it doesn’t always work at first and it is possible to slip and hurt yourself, so you have to do it with caution.

With this system, the starter lever produces a spark that causes ignition in the combustion chamber. However, this system can cause damage to the motorcycle.

Other alternatives to know how to start the motorcycle without a battery

In addition to both methods mentioned, there are two other methods that are effective in case you want to know how to start the motorcycle without a battery. These are:

  • Use a battery recharging device. It is a very simple method to charge the battery and be able to start the motorcycle. The problem is that you will have to take it with you and this is not always possible. However, there are more and more motorcycle battery chargers on the market that have an adjustable price and are increasingly compact in size to facilitate their transport. In this way, if you run out of battery anywhere, you can quickly turn to this system to load it and be able to return or reach your final destination without major complications and without having to resort to any of the manual methods mentioned.
  • Clamps and battery: An alternative option to the previous one is to start the motorcycle with clamps and another battery. The problem for this case is that another motorcycle is needed; and above all, that it can cause damage to the battery if the charge is not carried out properly. To recharge the motorcycle battery with another motorcycle, it is essential to check that both work with the same voltage. Then the clamps will be connected, first the positive pole (red) and then the negative pole (black). When recharging is complete, the clamps are disconnected. To do this, first remove the negative pole and then the positive.