How to Refill Wiper Fluid?

Throughout our lives we generally seek to save as much as possible in matters that we consider possible to do so, but on many occasions big mistakes are made due to this trend. For example, it usually happens with car windshield wiper fluid, where it is common to bet on products of dubious quality and even simply use water.

However, although it may seem like an aspect that is not so important in a vehicle, the reality is that this part of car maintenance should not be neglected, as it can cause long-term damage. In addition, although it may seem harmless, it can pose a risk to your safety at the wheel; and therefore also for the occupants and other road users.

For this reason, we are going to explain how to fill the wiper fluid in your car, but we are also going to tell you how the system works so that you do not have any doubts.

The importance of the windshield washer

The windshield washer is a system that must always be in perfect working order, since finding a front window that is dirty and hinders visibility is always a danger. If you don’t bother to clean this, you could find yourself having an accident at some point due to poor visibility.

There are different types of dirt that can be deposited on it, such as animal droppings, liquids from other vehicles, insects, etc., achieving in all these cases the same effect, a lack of visibility and the need to deal with this problem.

In fact, on many occasions you have to resort to the windshield washer even in the sun, since when it hits you head-on, the beam of light can prevent your visibility due to the dirt accumulated on the front window. On the other hand, by activating the water and cleaning them, you will be able to eliminate that dirt so that you can circulate safely. Keep in mind that it is a very important element and that it is reviewed in the ITV.

How does the windshield washer system work?

To explain how to refill the wiper fluid, it is also necessary to tell you about the system and its operation. Regardless of the vehicle in question, the wiper fluid must always be visible, so that any type of driver, even the most inexperienced, must know how to identify where their tank is and thus be able to refill it.

The drawing that represents the front window with the liquid makes it clear what its container is, with models that even indicate that only a specific liquid should be used, all to make it easy to identify.

However, you have to pay close attention and not confuse it with the cooling circuit tank, where you have to include the coolant/antifreeze liquid from the radiator, which is completely unrelated.

With regard to the windshield washer system, you should know that it consists of the following parts:

  • Reservoir: This is where the liquid goes, which must be between the maximum and minimum level marks. In any case, it will always be advisable to fill it up to the maximum line.
  • Tubes: The liquid circulates through them until it reaches the ejectors.
  • Ejectors: These are the elements that can be seen on the hood and that point to the moon and thus proceed to clean it.
  • Driving mechanism: This type of mechanism is a small motor that is responsible for activating the system so that the liquid is thrown on the windshield. In addition, in current cars, when activating this mechanism, the wipers are also automatically activated to immediately clean the front window.

Instructions for refilling the cleaning liquid

That said, it is time to explain how to fill the cleaning liquid, a very simple process that can be carried out by anyone. To do this you just have to do the following:

  1. First of all, you must lift the cap, which usually comes with a ring or hinge system that prevents it from completely detaching from the tank, thus preventing it from being lost.
  2. Once raised, you just have to pour the liquid directly, being careful not to dirty the rest of the vehicle’s elements, and prevent it from reaching the edge. It is necessary to take this into account to leave a small margin for possible variations due to temperature.
  3. Finally, you will only have to close the cap, making sure that it is perfectly closed to prevent the liquid from escaping.

You must bear in mind that a specific liquid must be used, avoiding water, which, although in an emergency it will always be better than carrying it empty, is not recommended. This is because in the long term it can cause problems such as freezing; visibility problems; that lime is produced in the medium term; possible rust problems; bad smells; and so on.

Taking into account that they are cheap products, it will always be preferable to opt for a specific windshield washer fluid that can perfectly fulfill its function. In the market there is a wide variety of options to choose from, with one or another property.