How to Pass The ITV Without Having to Go to A Center?

Depending on the age of your vehicle, you must pass the ITV with a lesser or greater frequency, every two years or every year. This is a process that cannot be left aside, since it is mandatory and failure to comply with this necessary procedure for security reasons is penalized.

However, for different reasons you may find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough time to attend. For this reason, we are going to explain how to pass the ITV without having to go to a center yourself, since there are different alternatives to which you can resort.

Who can pass the ITV for you?

There are many drivers who prefer to pass the ITV inspection themselves, either because they do not trust leaving their vehicle to other people or for other reasons. In any case, you should know that there is a much simpler and more comfortable option to be able to complete this procedure without investing your own time.

You should know that there are entities and third parties that are responsible for doing this process for you. That is, they take your car to the ITV station to pass the inspection and return it to you with the sticker placed in the upper right corner of the windshield, as long as the result of the inspection is favorable.

It is a service offered by many workshops, some insurance companies, fast mechanic chains, drivers’ clubs and some vehicle brands, as well as other online platforms that are dedicated to providing this service in a specific way.

In this way, you can hire a driver to pass the ITV in your place. The price for it varies depending on who you entrust the task to. In some cases, insurance companies, driver’s clubs or the maintenance plans of some brands carry out this type of task included in their fees and, in some cases, at no additional charge.

Pass the ITV without going to a center

Workshops also regularly offer this service, and they do so with an advantage that can be very interesting. The usual thing in this type of business is that an additional service is offered that acts as a preliminary inspection before passing the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) for you.

In this way you can guarantee that with this pre-ITV you can solve problems that allow you to successfully pass the inspection. If during the review they detect any type of problem in the vehicle, they will be able to solve it before taking it to the ITV inspection. This is a great advantage that will save you time and money. Just by taking the car to the workshop, it will take care of everything.

However, in this case you should know that it is not a free service and that the price varies from one workshop to another. In any case, the usual price for it is around 100 euros or more, not including the cost of the inspection itself, a price that you will have to pay yourself. In this aspect, it must be borne in mind that this cost depends on each autonomous community, being between 34 and 41 euros on average.

How do they pass the ITV for you?

Regardless of who passes the ITV in your place, the way to do it will be different. There are times when the worker of that company or business will be in charge of picking up your vehicle wherever you want it; and in others you will have to take the car to the place, as is the case, for example, in the case of workshops.

In the event that it is a motorcycle, they are usually taken to the ITV station in a trailer or van. In this case, the worker will go to the ITV to pass the ITV inspection on your behalf.

If everything goes according to plan, and the car successfully passes the inspection, it will be returned to you with the sticker already attached to the windshield.

In any case, it is advisable that, when contracting this service, you make sure that any possible damage is covered. In this way, if any incident arises during the journey, that you do not have problems in having it solved and repaired.

What happens if the ITV is unfavorable or negative?

In the event that the car is taken by another person to the ITV inspection and this is unfavorable, the review sheet will be delivered to the customer, in which the reasons and faults that have been detected and that must be corrected will be indicated. to be able to ride with him.

You must bear in mind that you have a maximum period of two months to carry out the second ITV review with which to solve these problems; and that this review can be done at a different station if you wish.

In addition, if the result is unfavorable, it is only allowed to move the car from the ITV station to the workshop. If it is negative, you can do the same, but in this case the car will not be able to circulate and must be transported by crane.