How to Maintain a Bicycle?

After learning to ride a bicycle, it is important that you know that it is essential to maintain it well; which is key so that it can function perfectly, as it did on the first day.

Although to repair your bicycle it is important to always go to a professional mechanic, the reality is that there are some maintenance and repair recommendations that will help you, by yourself, to extend the useful life of your bike.

In this way, knowing some basic aspects, you will find yourself in the situation where you will be able to enjoy it more, achieving greater performance; and avoiding that it can leave you lying at any time and place.

Before starting to explain how to maintain a bicycle, it is important that you know that to carry it out you do not need to be an expert. In our basic guide we are going to give you a series of basic tips to keep it in better condition.

The importance of tools for good maintenance

The first thing you need to know in order to properly maintain your bike is to have the right set of tools. It is always advisable to buy quality tools, because if you choose a bad tool, it is possible that it will damage some of the screws or parts of your bike.

Little by little you will have to gather a good tool kit to have in your home and thus carry out the maintenance in the best possible way; and you should also not forget to have another kit that you can use on your outings. It is always important to carry a team with the basic tools to be able to act in full activity if necessary.

Instructions for maintaining a bicycle

In order to know how to maintain a bicycle, it is necessary to take into account a series of basic recommendations, which we will indicate below:

  • Clean the transmission. The ideal is to carry out a cleaning of the transmission after each outing, that is, the chain rings, the rear derailleur, the cassette and the chain. Dirty oil and particulate buildup accelerate wear on all components. It is also recommended to apply degreaser, wait a few minutes; and then clean with hot water and a brush to remove traces of dirt and oil. Once everything is clean and dry, you will have to apply oil to the chain, running the chain through the different speeds and cleaning the excess oil with a clean cloth. It is important that the degreaser and oil are products specially designed for bicycles and of high quality. In addition, it is necessary to check from time to time how the chain is stretched.
  • Check and keep the screws tight. It is very easy and fast and will help you with good maintenance. Checking and tightening the bolts on your bike can be more of a problem. Thanks to a torque wrench that indicates the tightening torque, you can check them and check that everything is always well adjusted. It is important to check the stem and the handlebar, as well as the turning points, crank bolts…
  • Address setting. The address is one of the easiest points to maintain. Disassembling it and then cleaning it and greasing it will only take a few minutes. It is advisable to review it at least once a month, although everything will depend on the use that you are going to give it.
  • Maintain control of bushing bearings. This is one of the most delicate sections to maintain, since depending on the type of hub it will be necessary to opt for specific tools; and it will also require a level of mechanical knowledge. If you do not use the right tool you could damage some of the main parts of the system. Changing the bearings of a hub is not something that happens very often, but cleaning the bearings and bushings externally; and apply a little grease, it is something that is not too laborious and will allow you to increase its durability.
  • Fork and shock absorbers. The maintenance of both the shock absorbers and the forks is recommended to always be carried out in professional shops. These are components that are delicate and therefore it is necessary to have advanced knowledge. However, what you can do is clean the dirt from the seals; lightly grease them; and clean the bars to prevent scratches. You can also clean the adjustment dials.
  • Tubeless: The tubeless system is increasingly used, since it helps prevent punctures among other advantages, but you have to keep in mind that its liquid deteriorates and dries over time. For this reason, it is advisable to change it and clean the inside of the rim and the tire at least once a year.
  • Disc brake maintenance: Disc brake maintenance is easy to carry out. It is necessary to check the condition of the brake pads. In the event that they are worn, it will be necessary to replace them, and if not, it will be necessary to clean the braking surface. For this, a fine sandpaper will be used. In addition, it is necessary to clean the disc with special products.