How to Clean Motorcycle Equipment

All motorcyclists must be properly uniformed to be able to face the different dangers and circumstances that they will encounter while traveling on their motorcycle. For this reason, it is important to take care of the clothing and the rest of the equipment used to use this means of transport.

This implies carrying out cleaning and disinfection actions, which although it is a simple task, is key to making the materials last longer; and so that they are also in the best possible state.

Between spring and autumn, the use of the motorcycle is much more common than during winter, three times in which the equipment must be adapted according to the existing temperature. It is very important to use the material well, so that they can be kept with their capacities intact.

As is logical, before proceeding to clean any type of textile protection element, the first thing to do is to make sure that you know how to clean it, for which you must consult the product label. Washing recommendations will appear in each one of them; and it is always advisable to follow them to avoid damage to the garment.

Due to its characteristics and making sanity garments more advisable for day-to-day use, leather always offers more resistance to abrasion than polyamide. However, the latter offers greater breathability, so it is a more suitable option for times of the year when there are high temperatures.

That said, it is important that you know how to clean your motorcycle equipment.

How to clean jackets pants and gloves?

In this sense, it is important to differentiate between the type of fabric:

of sanity

Sanity garments, as a general rule, can be machine washed, although it is best to brush and remove the most noticeable stains, such as insects, mud or splashes before proceeding to wash them.

Before starting the machine wash, it is necessary to completely disassemble the garment, that is, remove the protections, linings and any other removable element. The reason for removing them is that they could be damaged by the effect of water and certain products.

As for the machine washing itself, you have to opt for short washing programs and delicate garments, since they are the perfect ones for this fabric. In addition, you must use cold water, neutral detergent and do not use fabric softener.

You also have to pay attention to the zippers and their position, as these could damage the fabric while the spin is being performed. Drying, for its part, is advisable to be natural, avoiding heat sources such as dryers or stoves.

In the case of gloves, in most cases they can be washed directly in the machine, although there is the option of carrying out a quick cleaning just by using a cloth and neutral soap and warm water.


In the event that they are made of leather, you must bear in mind that the garments of this material cannot be introduced, nor washed with water, in this case it is best to bet on dry cleaning, which is the best way to remove dirt.

To clean the leather, therefore, the best thing to do is to use a cloth with neutral pH soap, making circular movements over its entire surface, to later leave it on. Aggressive products cannot be used, since in this case the first layer of the skin will be removed, which is what gives the leather its original aroma and color.

Subsequent hydration, once the garment has dried, is essential for its durability; and it is a process that must be carried out at least twice a year. Thanks to the specific products for leather, you can enjoy greater elasticity and shine.

Leather is a fabric that deforms easily, so you have to keep it in mind. For example, in the case of gloves, it is advisable to avoid exposure to large sources of heat, and as with jackets and pants, it is advisable to resort to the use of specific products for leather.


Cleaning the hull can be somewhat complex for those who are not used to it, since although it may seem simple, it has some peculiarities and difficulties that may appear. To begin with, whether it is simpler or more complicated will depend on the type of helmet.

In any case, for its exterior part, it will be enough to use a cloth with soap and water to remove dirt. You can also use a degreaser or polish to remove marks, although you must make sure that it is not too aggressive.

You must take into account the screen of the helmet, since it is the most delicate part. For this reason, it must be cleaned making sure not to damage it since it will spoil visibility. For this it is advisable to use water, soap, window cleaner or other specific products.

The inner part, meanwhile, is a more delicate part. In the event that you have parts that can be disassembled, you have to make sure that you are able to reassemble it. The most delicate pieces can be washed by hand, while the rest can be washed in the washing machine, this being more than enough to always keep it clean.


As for the boots, the exterior cleaning is the most careful, but the interior should not be neglected either. The best thing to do is to open the leg of the boot as much as possible after intensive use to ventilate it correctly. In addition, it is recommended to fill with newspaper to deal with moisture and let it dry naturally. To conclude, some type of deodorizing spray can be used.

In the event that they are made of skin and leather, cleaning with soap and water should be used and specific products applied for better conservation.