How to Change the Motorcycle Battery?

Knowing how to change the motorcycle battery is necessary on many occasions; and something that every biker should know how to do since it is a basic component of a motorcycle. Although we have already taught you how to fix a battery and charge a motorcycle battery, now we will tell you how to replace the battery.

Like changing the tires on a motorcycle or changing the oil in this vehicle, the process is simple to carry out. However, as with any other procedure, so that mistakes are not made that could compromise the operation of the motorcycle or damage it; nor take risks ourselves, it is necessary to know how to change the battery of the motorcycle step by step.

If the motorcycle battery begins to fail and cannot be recharged, it will be time to change it, as this will mean that it has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced.

How to know if the motorcycle battery needs to be changed

There are several signs or signals that can lead us to think that it is time to recharge the motorcycle battery or that it is time to know how to change the motorcycle battery. The most obvious sign is the one that happens when nothing happens when you turn on the ignition key, that is, not even the light panel turns on. In the first instance, you can try to charge it by connecting some clamps from the battery of another motorcycle and turning it on.

In the event that this first solution does not work and is still downloaded, it will indicate that it is time to replace it. In that case, it can be confirmed that it does not work by using a battery meter. Through it you can know the intensity; and if it is not enough, it will mean that it is time to replace it.

It is important to know that batteries have a certain useful life, and this means that, after a few years, they stop charging and working correctly. As a general rule, they begin to show failures after four years of use.

Also, be aware that if the motorcycle has been left unused for a long period of time, it is very possible that the battery of the motorcycle will have to be changed.

How to extend the life of a motorcycle battery?

When it comes to extending the useful life of a motorcycle battery, there are different aspects to take into account. Some tips for this are as follows:

  • Follow the instructions for use.
  • Proceed to properly charge the battery, using only the chargers recommended by the manufacturer and taking into account all the indications that the brand may give in this regard.
  • Keep it properly charged. It should be avoided that the voltage falls below 12.4V, making trips of a certain distance and frequent.
  • Do a review of the connectors to avoid that the terminals are dirty or have sulphates?
  • Take care of the battery when it is not used, charging it fully every 15 days.

Instructions to change the motorcycle battery

The steps to follow if you want to know how to change the motorcycle battery:

  1. First of all, you must locate the place on the motorcycle where the battery is installed. On many models it is located under the seat. Once located, it will be time to replace the damaged battery.
  2. If you examine the place where the battery is located, you can see how there are two contacts, one positive and one negative. If you don’t know which one to disconnect first, it is always preferable to disconnect the negative first, which is usually black; and then the positive, usually red.
  3. Once the battery is disconnected, to continue with the process we will have to remove the battery from the space in which it is located. When doing so, it must be carefully removed from the mounting point. To dispose of the battery that is no longer useful, it is recommended to take it to a workshop for recycling or take it directly to a collection point.
  4. Now it will be time to install the new battery. To do this, it must be placed in the assembly, making sure that we carry out the installation in the correct way, that it is stable and that it will not move.
  5. Next we will need to connect the new battery. Once installed, it is connected, first connecting the positive pole (red) and then the negative (black), that is, in the opposite direction to that used when disconnecting the old one.
  6. As a final step we will have to turn on the motorcycle and check that it works correctly. With a new battery the starting problems should have been solved.

As you have seen, it is a very simple and quick process to carry out.