How to Change Gear On a Motorcycle Without a Clutch?

When it comes to knowing how to ride a motorcycle, it is essential to take into account different key aspects, ranging from how to choose it to how to select the ideal full-face motorcycle helmet. However, if we go to pure driving, it is necessary to know how to change gears on a motorcycle without a clutch.

Clutch less gear shifting is not new, but few people really get the hang of it. Shifting without disengaging the clutch is possible, because although it is a practice that is not taught in driving schools, since there is a risk of more aggressively removing the gearbox or because it is considered unnecessary, it is always positive to know how it works. Also, keep in mind that it is an easy and quick skill to learn.

It is a technique that is not new and that has been tested by generations of pilots, who did not have modern electronics and that makes it possible to achieve a gear change that is hardly noticeable today. Likewise, the pilot himself can enjoy advantages when changing on the circuit.

Advantages of changing gear without a clutch

If you want to know how to change gear on a motorcycle without a clutch, you have to take into account that there are a series of advantages that should be known, such as the following:

Simplifies piloting

The first of the advantages of knowing how to change gear on a motorcycle without a clutch is being able to see how the riding is simplified. Clutch less shifting means one less thing to think about on the go.

It is enough to release the accelerator, to disengage, change to a higher gear, engage the clutch and accelerate again. The usual procedure requires different actions; and therefore shifting without disengaging the clutch will be a good way to reduce the risk of an error occurring. All this helps to simplify piloting.

Makes gear changes easier when cornering

The second of the advantages that should be known in this regard is that it facilitates gear changes when driving around curves. When you are in the corner position it is difficult to comfortably manage the clutch. In this way, changing gear without a clutch will save this additional difficulty.

Limits the risks in the behavior of the motorcycle

When you make the perfect gear change without a clutch, everything happens without any effort or tension, being much faster and more efficient than with the clutch.

Likewise, the change in engine speed, essential to disengage the clutch, will affect the stability of the motorcycle in curves if it is not done smoothly enough.

Instructions for changing gear on a motorcycle without a clutch

When it comes to knowing how to change gear on a motorcycle without a clutch, the steps to follow are much simpler than you might think. In this way, you must put yourself in the situation of being in a straight line and with the throttle open keep accelerating:

  1. As you get up to speed for the upshift to occur, push the selector up gently but firmly.
  2. Once the desired rate of change has been reached, it will be time to release the throttle sufficiently so that the load on the transmission is reversed and the next gear is engaged, and then open the throttle again.
  3. In this simple way you can carry out the gear change on a motorcycle without a clutch.

At the indicated speed, you will only have to bet on practice. After a few attempts to master this simple method, you should be able to carry out the shifting smoothly and without slowing down the bike. You must bear in mind that you must not forget to release the pressure of the selector so that you can move on to the next gear.

Also, you should bear in mind that it is possible to downshift, doing the process in reverse, but in this case it is not as interesting as when accelerating on the motorcycle.

This procedure, contrary to wh t many people may think, is totally safe for the gearbox, as long as it is carried out correctly. It is a practical method and one that is very easy to master once used with practice.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to learn how to change gear on a motorcycle without a clutch. This way you will be able to carry out gear changes in a faster and more efficient way, as well as being more comfortable. As you try to put it into practice several times, you will end up completely mastering this technique for motorcycle riding.