How to Change a Power Window Motor?

Electric windows have become an essential accessory for years to guarantee that the occupants of a car circulate with maximum comfort and convenience. Although it is an element that works with great simplicity, this does not mean that it is exempt from breakdowns.

The Most Common Failure Of The Electric Windows Of A Vehicle

For this reason, there are many people who wonder how to change the motor of an electric window regulator, being one of the most frequent repairs in vehicles related to this type of system.

How do power windows work?

Power window systems are made up of two elements, which are the motor and the window lift mechanism. Its operation is very simple, since the motor activates the rotation of a drum in which the ends of some steel cords are fixed, which are located in opposite directions. With these cables the glass is moved and the vein is allowed to go up and down.

The most common failure of the electric windows of a vehicle usually takes place in its own mechanism, since it has different moving parts. However, sometimes the breakdown is caused by the fact that the engine itself is causing problems.

There are different signs and indications that can lead us to think that there is a fault in the power window system. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Noises coming from inside the upholstery when the window regulator is activated.
  • Glass tilting and vibration when the power window is activated.
  • Decrease in the speed of lowering or raising the window regulator glass.
  • The power window activation button does not always work.
  • The anti-entrapment system is activated automatically.

Causes of power window failure

Among the most frequent causes that can cause a fault in the power window system are:

  • Fault in the electrical system due to moisture or dirt accumulated in the circuits. If the damage is not excessive, you can always reverse the situation by using a contact cleaner. For this you can use specialized products that you can find on the market, although the damage could cause engine failure.
  • Peak voltage due to a bad battery. This situation can cause a failure that requires replacing the motor in the electric window.
  • Mechanical fault in the window lifter system. The mechanism is made up of some plastic parts that, as a result of use, can suffer wear. Usually this damage causes the breakdown.
  • Little use of the window. If the window regulator is not used frequently, it can cause the glass to grip excessively and end up causing a part to break when activated.

Instructions for changing the motor of a power window regulator

If you want to know how to change the motor of an electric window regulator, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. To start you will have to remove the inner panel of the door and carefully remove the weather stripping from the window. When doing so, be careful not to damage them. Depending on the vehicle model you use, you must remove the trim such as the rear-view mirror, lights, control units…
  2. Release the glass from the mechanism, which is usually held in place with staples. It is recommended to place the glass at a medium height to be able to access the staples. If it is not possible to access this anchorage, the mechanism must unlock the electric window motor. In this case you have two options. In the event that the motor can be separated, you will have to remove it from the mechanism, releasing the connector. You must avoid pulling on the wires to disconnect it, as the connector could be damaged. If the motor does not separate, the wires at both ends of the motor will need to be cut. This option requires replacing the entire motor and mechanism assembly.
  3. The next step is to raise the glass to free it from the mechanism and wedge it to prevent it from falling.
  4. Then you have to disconnect the electric window motor and proceed to remove the window mechanism. This can be riveted or screwed to the door.
  5. The next step is to place and fix the new mechanism and replace the motor.
  6. Next, the window must be repositioned in the guides and fixed to the mechanism. Then puttee window seals back on. If they are not in good condition, they will have to be replaced with new ones.
  7. The next step is  to remount the door panel and make sure the door panel is perfectly sealed.
  8. Finally normalize the viewport. This is a process that consists of reprogramming the limit switch of the window so that it can be guaranteed that it closes correctly and thus avoid noises and whistles while driving. In addition, you have to make the system fully functional, such as the one-button window up/down functions.